Audrey Hollander Does America

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy this movie?

Audrey Does America will be available at a store near you sometimes in 2016.

What is the official name of the movie?

When the movie is released it will be called Audrey Does America.

Who will star in the movie with Audrey?

We don’t know yet. We are still working that detail out but if you visit this website often, you’ll be able to vote on just that very thing.

How much will the movie cost and what format will it be available in?

It will be the same as about any other adult movie. Right now we plan to have it available on both DVD and VOD.

How many cities will you visit?

Right now we are planning to film in 7 different cities. Which exact cities those are, we don’t know yet either but you can visit the voting page and tell us what you think.

Do you have plans to come to Europe?

While there has some been talk about additional versions of the movie including Audrey Does Europe, and Audrey Does Germany, right now we are just trying to get through the production of this movie. As soon as we see how this movie goes, we’ll let you know about any other planned versions.